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Product Description

Do you want to learn the secrets of the top money making sellers on Fiverr? Do you want to make an extra 2000$ a month? If so you are at the right place!

I am a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr and in this book I will share with you everything I have learned in the past couple of years, while selling thousands of gigs!
If you are tempted to work on your own schedule, having control over your income, not answering to a boss and being able to work from anywhere in the world, then if you follow the tactics you will learn in this book, it is 100% possible!

In This Book You Will Learn:

* What is Fiverr and how it works
* A lot of examples from my personal experience and journey to the TOP RATED SELLER badge
* What you can offer and how much money it can realistically bring you
* How to build a “best-selling” gig
* How to market your talents
* How to stay consistent
* How to make more $$$$ than you currently make
* Various tips and tricks how to improve your Fiverr experience
* Inspiring stories and examples from people that make more than $10,000+ a month on fiverr!
* BONSUS – 69 Ways to Make Money from Home (located at the end of the book)

Why This Book?

This is book is not some get rich quick scheme. It is an opportunity to build an independent outcome online, using You will transform from a total beginner who has never heard of Fiverr to a money making monster, if you are willing to commit to this plan and work hard following the steps!

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