How to Sell More Books on Amazon

How to Sell More Books on Amazon

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Ok, you already have a great cover (if you don’t please check the previous post) and readers come to your book page on Amazon, BUThowtosalemorebooks they don’t buy your book.. What is the problem? What to improve? The answer is basically down to these 3 things:

  • Description
  • Author Page
  • Your Book Sample

Let’s take a look at each one of them. First comes the


Once the reader is on your book page on Amazon, there are a few things that will determine whether or not the reader will buy your book – the reviews, the sample and the description. I mention the description last, because it seems that most authors underestimate it a lot and have very plain and unnoticeable descriptions. This is a great chance for YOU to stand out. Put a little effort and you will be one step ahead of the competition. Let me tell you how. You will have to use some simple HTML tags that will take you to the pro league. First about the length of the description don’t ale it too long, people can read your sample if they want more, the description should be short and straight to the point. Anywhere between 250 – 500 words is fine. Look at the description as a sales page, give people reason to buy your book, tell them what they will get and how it will help them with their problems.

In your description make sure to use colour for your headlines. As well as to make them bold. Here are the basic HTML commands that you will need:

  1. <b> The text you want bolded </b>
  2. <i> Text you want to be italic </i>
  3. <h1> Your headline text </h1>
  4. <font color = “here comes the hex code of the colour #44hj00> The text you want colored is here </font>

for web safe colours and getting hex codes you can visit:

Also numbered lists and bullet points are very helpful. They will improve your descriptions appearance and readability.


html amazon

<li> text #1 </li>

<li> text #2 </li>

<li> text #3 </li>



For bullet list it is almost the same:


<li> text #1 </li>

<li> text #2 </li>

<li> text #3 </li>



This simple codes will help your book confers better and look more professional. Now that you are 1 step ahead of the competition, let’s leave them way behind with making everything on your Amazon page looks its best.

author page amazon

Author Page

Another part that most self published authors don’t pay attention to is their author page. When a potential buyer ask themselves, who is this guy, why is he an authority, this is the place they will visit. Put a very professional photo there, preferably one taken by a professional photographer, not a selfie with your phone. If all of your books are on a specific topic it is good that everything on your author page is related to that topic.




The third thing that will be very crucial for your sales, is the sample of your book, on Amazon it is 10% of the book. So make sure that in the first 10% of your book, there is something that will grab the readers, avoid putting too much advertising there, or other things that may repulse your potential buyers. Make sure that your formatting and spelling are perfect.

If you follow these 3 steps, you will have a lot better conversion rate for your book. Which will help you build your group of loyal readers more easily and of course make you more money.

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