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The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Outsourcing! | George Ilian | The Online Money Making Advisor

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Outsourcing!


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Product Description

Are you you looking for a way to have more free time, while making even more money? If so you are at the right place!

I have been working online for the past 5 years and not only I have hired freelancers, but I have also been working as a freelancer . Having Experience being on both sides of the fence, you can see a lot of insider information, how to get any job done on Fiverr and Elance. Also in this book I will be sharing with you a list of contractors from these two websites that I (or friends of mine) have worked with and we know that they provide great service. The list includes over 75 contractors, so it is a great place to start when searching to outsource a task.

In This Book You Will also Learn:

* What is Outsourcing and how it works
* What you can and should outsource
* Where to find excellent freelancers
* How to deal with freelancers
* How to get the best out of Fiverr
* How to successfully use Elance to achieve your goals
* How to Hire a virtual assistant
* How to avoid outsourcing nightmares
* How to make sure you always win from your outsourcing projects by keeping an eye on your ROI
* BONSUS – 69 Ways to Make Money from Home (located at the end of the book)

Why This Book?

This is book is not a promise for a 4 hour work week. It is an opportunity to build a network of freelancers and grow your business and free up more time for yourself and your family, if this is your goal, then this book is for you.

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