Get a Great Ebook and Title Idea. In 4 Easy Steps

Get a Great Ebook and Title Idea. In 4 Easy Steps

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Have you thought of writing a book?

If so chances are you have been stuck in wondering if someone will buy your book and what should be the title. Most people are stopped by these 2 obstacles. With these article I will try to get these 2 out of the way, so you can continue with your dream to write a great book.

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Research Your Ebook Idea

When you have a good non-fiction book idea, it is a must to research it well. The first stop of your research should be google. Search your key phrase (and some similar ideas around it), see how many people are searching for such things, what are the most searched keywords related to your topic. You can find the google keyword tool HERE. Aim for eywords with more than a few thousand searches per month.


Next step, check the competition on Amazon. Enter your keyword, browse your potential categories. If the top ranked books there have a lot of reviews and a good paid rank (above 30 000), this means that your idea is good and a lot of people buy this type of books. This research will not only proof your idea, but it will also point you the right direction for your ebook title. Remember Good titles sale ebooks and bad titles are instantly forgotten. Your title has to be very punchy and attention grabbing. Your title should not be general, like “make more money” or “lose weight”. It has to be very specific. For that reason you should firstly define your one key reader.


Answer these questions:

  • What do they want to achieve?
  • What problems do they have?
  • What are they afraid from?

A great approach is the title to be the desired out come people will get from reading your book. Another proven model for a better title is to add a number at the title. This makes things very specific. Readers love that.

Some great examples of great titles are:

You got the idea, right?

So lets sum it up. To proof your ebook idea and to have a great title, you need to follow these steps:

  • research your keywords
  • research the competitions
  • define your one key reader (the person that will need your ebook)
  • offer the solution in your title

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